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Power Steering Fluid

Power Steering Reservoir
Power Steering Reservoir

The power steering pump generates high pressures used to reduce steering effort, easing driver fatigue. It uses power steering fluid to help turn the front wheels of the car. When the steering wheel is not being turned, the hydraulic lines provide the same amount of pressure to both sides of the steering gear. But if the spool valve attached to the steering wheel is turned one way or the other, ports open up to provide high-pressure fluid to the appropriate line, thereby pushing the steering gear and turning the wheels.

The power steering fluid reservoir usually has a small dipstick attached to the cap. Remove the cap and check the fluid level. The level should not change more than the normal range on the stick. If you have to add fluid more than once or twice a year, then have the system checked for leaks. These systems are easily damaged if you drive while the fluid is very low. Another warning of low power steering fluid is a buzzing noise when you turn the steering wheel at slow speeds.

Never hold the steering wheel in the extreme right or left position for more than a few seconds as doing this could damage the pump. Power steering fluid level should be checked at every oil change.

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