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I had a problem with my car. I took it to [Wheaton BP]. It was diagnosed correctly, repaired, and returned to me all in the same day. Cost was very reasonable.
Arnold B.
I am very pleased with the courteous service and reasonable prices offered at Wheaton BP. I highly recommend their services.
Gilda H.
Unfortunately, we have had enough car trouble in our short time here... You've been fabulous throughout!
Ari K.
I expect my mechanic to tell me if there is a problem with my car. I worry that he may overlook a serious problem or bill me for un-necessary work. At Wheaton BP, they went over my car with a fine toothed comb, and did not do any un-necessary work.
Edith B.
I have been using Wheaton BP for several years for servicing my car. They have always been very careful and honest in diagnosing whatever problems I have had. ... My 1998 Chevy continues to run smoothly.
Robert K.
I've been using the Wheaton BP for the last couple of years with great satisfaction. Most of us know nothing about cars and their proper upkeep. Therefore, when we find a place that is honest, super fast, reliable, reasonably priced, and gives great service ... we have no reason to look elsewhere. Need I say more? Visit them once, you'll be happy you did. I have every confidence in Daniel Moskowitz and the Wheaton BP. Thanks!
Joel S.
I'm one of those Jewish guys whom Jackie Mason epitomizes when he talks about cars and how Jewish men deal (or don't) with what goes on under the hood. I don't get it, never have. Recently, my car had a problem, which I thought would take major surgery, and, without car health insurance, imagined my entire cash reserve flying off to deal with it. Then a friend reminded me about Doni Moskowitz at the BP station at University and Amherst. I called. He looked at my car right away. Doni is wonderful. He thoroughly and accurately dealt with my car's issue. Moreover, he is an honest broker of information and service. So, next time you're in auto trouble, if you're confused about what to do (like I was), give Doni a call. I'm pretty sure you'll be pleased.
Richard A.